How to make money online with AdSense

AdSense is Google’s ad program. Do you plan start making money online? This tutorial is for you. Find out how you can use AdSense to make money online.

To make money online with AdSense, you must have a website and then create ad space. AdSense will use your ad space to display ads. If your visitors click on AdSense ads, you will receive a commission.

Following are the basic steps to start making money online with AdSense:

  1. First, create the website;
  2. Write high quality content;
  3. On your website, define ad spaces;
  4. Add Google AdSense code;
  5. Google Adsense displays ads on your website;
  6. You earn commission for each click.

Note: AdSense requires a website with good quality and unique content. And it’s important to create a website for a particular niche or target area.

Types of websites to use with AdSense

To make money online with AdSense, you can create a website of any type, for example:

  • Blog – to publish articles about your chosen niche. Example, this website.
  • Tool – a online tool to solve any type of problem. Example, online calculator.
  • News – to keep your readers updated.
  • Magazine – to keep your readers updated about entertainment.
  • And more..

How to create a website

Use this guide to create a website and start make money online with AdSense.

How to create AdSense account

After you create and publish your website, with good content, you can start the monetization process.

You must first have a Google account;

Go to AdSense official page using this link;

Click the Button create account;

Add your website address;

Get AdSense code;

Put the code in your website;

Wait for approbation.

Receiving payments from AdSense

To receive payment, you must first validate the payment address. And for some locations, will be necessary provide tax information.

After your revenues reach the verification threshold, AdSense will send a letter with a PIN. Once you receive the PIN validate your account.

Once your account is validated, your balance must reach the threshold before Google send your money.

How much can I earn with AdSense?

Isn’t easy to estimate the amount you can make with AdSense because it depends on many factors like: chosen niche, region, page views,…

To help you estimating the money you can make, Google AdSense prepared a simulator available on this page.

Are there templates or websites ready to use for AdSense?

If you don’t have time to create a website there is option to get it ready. Follow this link for more details.

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