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Check your domain availability with this tool to start your business or website.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your personal or business home on the Internet, it’s a piece of online real estate that you control completely—as long as you own the rights to that name. Every domain must have a unique name that distinguishes it from all others and points only to a single website. That’s why anyone buying and registering a domain name needs to carefully research the perfect web address by conducting a domain name search to find out if it’s already in use.

Tips for choosing the domain name

  • Short names that are easy to remember for better performance.
  • You may use keywords in your domain name to help visitors easily find them in search engines.
  • Your domain name can use letter, numbers and hyphens but not special characters.

Each domain name must have a suffix that bes fit your business or website purpose. For example: in the domain, .online is the suffix.

Available domain suffixes

The available domain suffixes are: .com, .net, .org, .online, .site,,, .website, .space, .tech, .store, .blog, .info, .co, .us, .biz and .club.

How to know if your Domain Name is available?

To check the domain availability follow these steps:

  • Enter the domain name you wish to use in the search box and then click Search.
  • If your domain name is available you will be taken to a page to review and purchase it.
  • If your domain is not available, you will receive a message saying that the domain is taken.

Importance to have a domain name

  • Your domain name is how visitors easily find you online.
  • It is often the first step in getting your website started because it is like establishing your website’s street address on the internet.
  • If you did not have a domain name, you would have to give out your IP address to everyone who wanted to visit your website, which would get confusing and be easily forgotten.

What’s next after choose a domain?

After choose domain check it’s avalability. If the domain is available register and choose a hosting plan.
Consider Bluehost hosting services.

check your domain availability

Advantages to choose Bluehost

  • Innovation at all levels; including customer support, infrastructure, security, and suite of web tools.
  • Shared web hosting services receive a free domain name upon new account creation.
  • Regardless of what platform you choose with Bluehost, email is included.
  • You can transfer your existing domain name to Bluehost.
  • Bluehost provides a migration service to help ensure your site and all its files are transferred correctly and securely.